Another lovely , sparkling, autumn day in the mountains near Canberra.  How lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place with such easy access to wonderful walking country.

Today was one of the regular midweek walks put on by the 3 main clubs in Canberra which each provide these walks in turn and who better to lead this one than Linda.

14 of us arrived at the meeting place from where we car-pooled for the 45 minute drive into the mountains to the car park on the Boboyan Road beside Rendezvous Creek in the southern A.C.T…  From here we took the walking track up the Creek for a short distance before leaving it for the bush.   Slowly we gained height as we angled our way gently up the ridge, Linda choosing a good route through the scrub.   After about 4 km it was time to head more or less directly up onto the crest of the ridge.   Lower down Linda had already led us through a narrow corridor through a massive granite rock she had spied lurking in the bush, but now we found ourselves threading a way up through massive boulders, with a pleasant  amount of scrambling thrown in for good measure.   Once on the crest the scrub became less dense, but the jumble of huge rocks made for an interesting walk as we made our way along the undulating ridge.  Finally we reached the high point, before descending a little way to a wonderful pile of rocks with great views where we had lunch.

After lunch we commenced the long descent of a forested, scrubby,  ridge all set about with massive boulders, back to Rendezvous Creek,  all of which gave interesting walking and route finding.

Not far from where we had lunch we explored an interesting pile of rocks which gave a lot of scrambling fun and afforded great views up the valley.

Next to emerge from its hiding in the bush was Orca Rock,  the destination of the walk.   I had often seen this rock from below, sticking up like a sore thumb above the trees, but to see it close to was, well,  “wow”!  A huge pile of rocks with tunnels and cracks and, of course, the Orca soaring clear of the trees.   After time “wowing”, photography and exploring, we made our way around and down.   Once below this rock formation we were all surprised at the huge, vertical cliffs which fell away from the Orca.

From here on down it was just a matter of finding the easiest route through the scrub to the valley floor, which Linda does so well.   We crossed Rendezvous Creek at about 3 pm from where it was a 2 hour walk over  the grasslands of the valley to the cars.   We had had our fun and now it was time to enjoy the surrounding blue hills and the now tranquil, golden grasslands of a glorious late autumn afternoon.   How lucky we are to live in such a wonderful place.

Namadgi Rendezvous Creek west ridge hike 8 30 05 07 - Copy (800x600)

Looking up Rendezvous Creek valley

IMG_0108 (800x600)

Linda veered off course when she spied this huge boulder and decided to explore it

IMG_0111 (800x600)

View across Rendezvous Creek from near the spot height on the map

IMG_0112 (800x600)

Lunch high on the ridge – a contented bunch!

IMG_0113 (800x600)

Rugged terrain.   A view from the lunch spot.

IMG_0114 (600x800)

Exploring a pile of massive boulders on our way down the ridge to Orca Rock

IMG_0117 (800x600)

Having fun on the boulders

IMG_0122 (800x600)

We’re there!   Orca Rock!

IMG_0125 (800x600)

view from Orca Rock

IMG_0127 (800x600)

More of the Orca, with Megan and Cassinia in flower.  Note the rock behind the Orca which drops in a vertical and massive cliff a long way down

IMG_0132 (600x800)

Some of the cliffs on the way down from the Orca

IMG_0135 (800x600)

Looking back at Orca Rock from the grasslands of Rendezvous Creek.











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